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Tech Talk - LiPo Batteries Safety Warning

From Bill Webb - "First Hand Experience"

            I thought this 1st. hand experience might be usefull, last week I was doing a Tx & Rx realignment on my R/C equipment, getting ready for summer flying.

            Having retired from 30+ years in the radio/electronics business, building many nicad battery packs through the years, and a number of recycled cell phone lithium ion packs for my electric R/C. I thought I knew most of the ins & outs of battery packs. Well I never had a lithium battery catch fire........until last week. I inadvertently left a lipo battery connected up over night to the receiver/servo setup I was working on.

            The next morning I put this completely dead, 1500mah 3S pack on slow charge. I have an old "yard sale" crock pot w/lid that I thought would make a safe place to put batteries in during charging.....Sure glad I did that, in about 1 hour of charging there was a loud bang and a big flash of flames & very black smoke. If I haden't taken the precautions I would have had a real fire on my hands.

           That $10 crock pot saved the day. ....Never charge a dead LIPO, only good for starting fires.

           For what it's worth....

           Bill Webb

           Macon Aero Modelers, Inc.

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