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Welcome to Fall in the smokies, it's getting colorful.

           From Jim Alvord, Webmaster Macon Aero Modelers.

      Fall has arrived and the colors are changing.It's been a very warm summer and now it should start cooling down some.

      Our Summer Invitational was a big success and ended up raising lots of money for the local American Legion while providing lots of locals and guests a full day of Radio Control flying exhibitions, and good food.

      With daytime Temperatures in the 80's and most nights in the 50's it's the nicest flying conditions one could expect in Otto, NC.There have been some variable breezes in the later afternoons, but that just comes with the territory.

      As expected there have been alot more Quads this year despite the FAA new registration regulations due in large part to the publicity in national news to be mixed in with the usual planes and helicopters that we all enjoy.

      Master builder ,Dave Fouts has done it again. Check out the video below of his newest creation to grace the skies over OTX. it's a Scratch built Electric ducted fan powered WWII V1 Rocket Bomb, like the ones Germany Unleashed on Great Britain during the great war. It flies beautifully.




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     We're still looking for new - Members' Hangar Pages!! Read about it in P.R. Posts. And submit your pictures and write-up! Seven now online Bruner, Commodore, Ramey, Doubleday, Doster, Schadt, and Alvord.

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